7 Keys to Feeling Happier in Life

Bliss doesn't come from arriving at the highest point of the mountain, or by arriving at our objectives…

...It comes from LOVING the excursion and the interaction that gets us there. It doesn't come from acknowledging we never again need to change and develop…

...It comes from acknowledging we CAN change and develop, and that is something to be EXCITED about. Studies have shown that more joyful individuals become more useful and accomplish a greater amount of their objectives throughout everyday life…

...However tragically, such countless individuals have confidence in the legend that bliss is caused the opposite way around (that they should 'make progress' to feel cheerful).

"I'll be cheerful when … " is a risky assertion to make. What's more, it positions individuals to go months, or years, without permitting themselves to feel blissful. What's more, in any event, while arriving at the highest point of a mountain, the human condition is to feel thrilled briefly…

...Just to then consider that to be the new typical, and presently need to accomplish the following objective to feel cheerful.

There are 4 primary synthetic substances in the mind that impact our sensations of satisfaction…

  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Serotonin
  • Endorphin

And each plays a different role in how we experience happiness. 

Dopamine is what we feel when we enjoy striving for a goal. 

Oxytocin is what we feel when we are being social.

Serotonin is what we feel when we are in a good mood. Interestingly up to 90% of Serotonin is produced in the gut, and is heavily influenced by what we feed ourselves. 

Endorphins are associated with the fight or flight response, and are what helps push you through challenging periods in life, or with fighting towards difficult goals. 

Here are 7 keys to feeling happier in life... 

By feeling happier on a daily basis, you’ll in turn find that your productivity will improve AND you’ll achieve more of what you want in your life...

1. Develop a Growth-Oriented Mindset

As per Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, there are two fundamental attitudes we can explore through existence with … Growth and Fixed.

Individuals with a proper mentality accept that their capacities and insight levels are static. So they watch out for level in all that they run after, as they accept they have arrived at their foreordained potential. In all actuality, they will generally accomplish undeniably not exactly their actual potential.

What's more, carry on with life less cheerful than those with a development arranged attitude. Those with a Growth Mindset accept that their capacities and insight can work on over the long haul.

That implies they can not just get better at mastering a specific expertise, yet their genuine capacity to learn can improve too. Those with a development outlook will generally feel more joyful, as they see their true capacity for progress as being far more prominent than those with a static attitude.

This faith in their expected prompts a more certain perspective on the world, and furthermore prompts substantially more sure long haul brings about existence.

Those with the proper mentality will quite often get more consumed with 'substantiating themselves' while those with the development attitude, get more consumed with making a move that prompts the results they are searching for.

The development outlook prompts a strong energy for learning, and for extending yourself (in any event, when things aren't working out in a good way).

The development mindset prompts getting a charge out of snags and seeing them and amazing open doors for learning and personal growth.

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2. Develop and Optimists View of the World

Generally speaking hopeful people and worriers are both right …

However, throughout everyday life, positive thinkers will quite often be more joyful and make more progress. Positive thinkers additionally experience less nervousness, gloom and stress than cynics. Hopeful people are additionally more activity arranged than worriers. 

So it's not exactly what befalls you that is a significant determinant of how blissful you are … It's the manner by which you decipher the circumstances as they occur.

Billy and Sarah both lost their positions at a magazine distributing organization. Billy took it gravely, and keeping in mind that he conveyed requests for employment to 30 organizations, he required 3 months before he at last got a substitution line of work.

His new position immediately turned out to be profoundly upsetting and he is vexed that terrible things continue to happen to him. Sarah was irritated with losing her employment.

She had a cry on her significant other's shoulder yet got up the following morning with a renewed perspective. She concluded that this would have been an amazing chance to make life surprisingly better than previously.

So she reviewed her new resume, and chose to land particular about the positions she applied for. She went after 7 positions and got a interview with 2 of them.

One of them ended up being a task that paid higher than whatever she had recently been on, and was exceptionally energized as it included learning a couple of things about magazine work of art that she had for a long time needed to engage in previously.

Sarah is an illustration of somebody with a hopeful people mentality and Billy is an illustration of somebody with a cynics attitude.

Circumstances like these happen consistently in individuals' lives and confident people will more often than not explore them much better. The key is to constantly search for the silver lining experiencing the same thing.

Sort out what could describe this challenge turn as a 'surprisingly beneficial development' and make it into a positive. At the point when beneficial things occur throughout everyday life, remember to praise those little triumphs.

Try not to forget about them as 'immaterial'. On the off chance that you can see your vocation as a 'calling' instead of a 'necessary evil', you'll feel more happy and succeed more.

On the off chance that you can zero in on the up-sides throughout everyday life, and feel truly appreciative for every one of the easily overlooked details that you have, you'll have a ton of extraordinary days going advances.

3. Enjoy the Journey as much as the Destination

Life isn't a series of destinations… 

More time is spent on the excursion, than on arriving at any objective or dream. 

So it's critical to hope to acquire fulfillment and joy from the work that goes into making that progress, than the actual achievement. To do that, you really want to partake in the process that prompts the results you are searching for. 

If you have any desire to dominate a race, you want to figure out how to partake in the preparation. Also, to acquire fulfillment from that preparation. In any case an excessive amount of is relying on the aftereffects of that race and regardless of whether you win, that is a ton of time spent preparing, where you might have been appreciating it. 

In the event that you don't win, then it's significant you can appreciate glancing back at the excursion and exertion that went in … 

And tell yourself you did all that you might have done, and that you are content with yourself for that. Also, that is definitely worth celebrating. Cheerful individuals will generally understand the benefit of testing themselves … 

Whether or not the achievement comes toward the end is of less importance than how much exertion was placed in. 

In the event that you put more exertion in, and appreciate confronting incredible difficulties, it's inescapable you'll accomplish numerous extraordinary results throughout everyday life. 

Also, you'll appreciate a greater amount of life.

4. Keep Up Your Social Relationships

“Countless studies have found that social relationships are the best guarantee of heightened well-being and lowered stress, both an antidote for depression and a prescription for high performance.” - Shawn Achor, Author, “The Happiness Advantage”

Harvard University conducted the most extensive study ever on adult development. They tracked the lives of 724 men from 1938, over 75 years.

One of their key discoveries was that great social connections are the key component that makes the biggest difference for dependable bliss.

“The lesson that came from tens of thousands of pages of that research was that good relationships heek up happier and healthier,” says Dr Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist and director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. 

What’s more, dozens of other studies have been conducted over the years, that have also shown that people who have satisfying relationships are happier and live longer. 

So make sure to always make time to prioritize family and friendships. 

Be kind to others also, it’s not just about ‘spending time’ with them, though that is certainly a critical factor. 

Make sure to help out others who need it, both with your resources and your time. 

“A long line of empirical research, including one study of over 2,000 people, has shown that acts of altruism—giving to friends and strangers alike—decrease stress and strongly contribute to enhanced mental health.” - Shawn Achor, Author, The Happiness Advantage.

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5. Improve Your Nutrition 

One of the 4 main ‘happiness hormones’ is Serotonin. And it is estimated that up to 90% of it is produced in the gut. 

hat is the reason what you eat and drink likewise assumes a significant part in your general sensations of satisfaction throughout everyday life. 

One little investigation of individuals with gentle to-direct nervousness or misery observed that taking probiotics for a very long time essentially worked on their side effects… 

…While another investigation discovered that taking probiotics (galactooligosacharides) for a very long time, essentially decreases how much cortisol in the body (a pressure chemical). 

One normal method for developing a solid stomach is to diminish sugar and handled food admission, while expanding admission of regular entire food sources. 

Matured food varieties like Sauerkraut are superb for your stomach. 

Vegetables and organic product are likewise great for your stomach and assist with creating a greater amount of those microorganisms that are answerable for Serotonin creation.

6. Chaos Leads To Frustration … Create SYSTEMS That Lead To Success

“I value self discipline … But creating systems that make it next to impossible to misbehave is more reliable than self control.” - Tim Ferris, Author, The 4 Hour Work Week. 

However, it's a progression of sensible and complete frameworks, some huge, some little, that are working out again and again … 

… What's more, you can make, alter and sustain these frameworks, so you have your desired life. Just only having that acknowledgment that your whole life can be overhauled to be anything you desire it to be, can provide you with an enduring sensation of extra joy and clearness about your future. 

What you really want to do is focus on things that you WANT and things that happen that you DON'T WANT. 

Then you really want to separate them into the frameworks that should be set up to cause (or forestall) them from occurring. 

This applies to all everyday issues: Home, work, wellbeing, connections and objective accomplishment. 

Here’s an example…

John’s wife, Felicity, was feeling overwhelmed with all the housework she was doing at home. They have 3 kids and every day the mess kept piling up, and it was causing her stress.

John decided to make a system to help her.

He made a rundown of things that the children needed to do when they returned home from school every day.

In the event that they finished every one of their 'tasks' they get to have 1 hour of 'free play' time before supper.

In the event that they didn't do the 'positions' then they not just passed up the 'free play' time, however they got somewhat of a talk about 'doing their part' to assist in the family, and how important this is to their mother. 

In the span of about fourteen days, the children were getting their garments put in the clothes washer, getting their lunchboxes out and cleaned, their schoolwork was being done on autopilot, and they were tidying up after themselves in the event that they made any tidbits… 

...Felicity was happy! 

This little change in the framework by which they carried on with their lives made a major improvement to their general bliss. 

The children saw how their Mom was more energetic as well, and they felt incredible at being more independent. It was a mutually advantageous all around. 

This is an illustration of how an adjustment of the framework by which you carry on with your life can have a major effect on your future. 

There are numerous models, for example consequently saving 3% of your pay, can prompt more get-aways… 

Or continuously ensuring treats in the house are more earnestly to get to than sound tidbits, can prompt better eating… and so forth, and so on.

It was a win-win all around.

This is an example of how a change in the system by which you live your life can make a big impact on your future. 

There are many examples, for instance automatically saving 3% of your income, can lead to more vacations… Or always making sure treats in the house are harder to get to than healthy snacks, can lead to healthier eating… etc, etc. 

The key is, look at the systems by which you live your life, and work to improve them.

7. Accept What Is … Chase Damn Hard For What ‘Could Be’

According to a study of 5,000 people, by the University of Hertfordshire, self acceptance is one of the most critical factors that affects our happiness … 

...But is often the one we practice the least.

Acceptance has two parts to it…

Accepting what is, and what has happened to us.

Accepting ourselves and who we are.

The thing is, the past has already happened to us. 

Regardless of whether it's unreasonable. It's critical to search for any conceivable silver linings, to realize those examples, and to concoct an astonishing strategy for what's to come.

It's likewise essential that we love ourselves as we are, and don't put limits on 'I'll adore myself when… ' You are now extraordinary. You are now a magnificent individual. 

Try not to stand by till you have that pay rise, or you have that ideal relationship, or you've lost that obstinate gut fat, before you love yourself …

… Those are objectives you might have, yet you must acknowledge what is, love life as it is at the present time, love yourself as you are at this moment … AND pursue damn hard for what could be.

It’s time to get excited and happy about life as it is. 

Love the challenge, love the journey you are on, and focus on cultivating these 7 habits. 

They’ll lead to an overall feeling of more happiness in your life. 

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7 Keys to Feeling Happier in Life

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